Automate product

Automated ID labelling of every product

Enables full visibility, track and trace throughout product lifecycles, starting from raw materials, for each product by creating a unique digital identity.


Integrate with
trade finance

Give banks the visibility on operations for better terms

Verofax provides a safe way to share business transaction data with banks to help KYC and enable easier funding. It also allows for secure real-time sharing of selected business reports among participants, improving efficiency of getting finance instantly.


Integrate with
global markets

Access markets by meeting regulatory requirements

Provides the protocols to manage data access and allows data authenticity verification. Store all certificates securely, get it signed by labs and other issuers and give access to global marketplaces to boost your sales


Automate logistics

Get inventory receipts and track condition

Verofax TaaS help you to reduce administration time and costs, accelerate transportation, and establish production-to-consumer supply chain visibility and verification. Simplify logistic, gain data transparency, trace shipments back to their origins, protect information from unauthorized access and get inventory receipts with our solutions


Improve with AI Data

Optimize operations with granular data

AI analytics powers your marketing program by extracting insights and patterns from large sets of data, then making predictions based on that information. Analytics data helps you predict outcomes and successful courses of action. It can also dive deep into data about your customers and offer predictions about consumer preferences, product development, and marketing channels.


Improve with feedback

Reward users for feedback

Encourage customer to submit feedback by creating marketing campaigns seamlessly through our application. Engage with end-users, get direct feedback to imporove your products.



Effectively engage with customs and tax authorities on blocking grey products and audit products and retailers on excise tax adherence