Hyperledger benefits

Benefits of using Hyperledger as Enterprise grade Blockchain protocol


Establish decentralized trust in a network of known participants rather than a public network with no identity.


Expose only the data you want to share to the parties you want to share it with.


Tailor the blockchain to industry needs with a pluggable architecture rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.


Program smart contracts in the languages your team works in today, instead of learning custom languages and architectures.

Performance, scalability and levels of trust

Hyperledger Fabric is build on a modular architecture that separates transaction processing and agreement (“chaincode”), transaction ordering, and transcation validation and commitment.

This seperation confers several advantages: Fewer levels of trust and verification are required across node types, and network scalability and performance are optimized.

Why hyperledger fabric for blockchain

Plug-n-play ability to integrate components such as consesus algorithm and membership services.

Smart contracts called “chaincodes”, which are hosted using the container technology.

Channel technology for confidential transactions.

Ordering service that delivers the transaction to “peers”, i.e a group of nodes responsible for committing the transactions in the ledger.

Endorsement policy for transaction validation.

Database services like CouchDB

Faster execution of transactions: transactions validated on fewer nodes and recorded in milliseconds vs minutes on Ethereum.

Higher throughput: Up to 1B transaction can be recorded per day.

Cloud providers & baas.

in BAAS, you do not need to configure the Blockchain to the extent you would have to when settings it up manually. You also do not need to have the infrastructure. This is where Cloud Providers come in.

Verofax uses the BAAS offerings from leading cloud providers Microsoft Azure and Cloud adopting highest standards of enterprise data security and users privacy.