Enterprise Security on Blockchain


Ant Financial’s ‘Blockchain as as Service’ (BaaS) is a cloud service that supports a range of real-world applications as well as managing data traffic on the blockchain network. Data is secure and encrypted to ensure privacy and prevent any leakage.



A combination of cloud and blockchain services, BaaS can accelerate your ecosystem development.


A secure online network with massive reliable storage providing elastic computing and scaling


A self-governed peer-to-peer network with  secure infrastructure.

A global service on alibaba cloud

Enterprise Environment

Verofax’s traceability solution sits on a global blockchain network ensuring that all your data is encrypted, guaranteeing the utmost privacy and preventing data leakage. You are in control of all your data and who can access it with an easy to use dashboard system and a dedicated team to answer all your queries. Promote your products and boost sales with control over how your products are sold across all platforms and increased access to global marketplaces.