Unlock the power of shopper insights and omnichannel experiences

Enrich shopper journey with behavioral analytics, personal recommendations and foster loyalty.

The Majority of shoppers are choosing retailers based on the ease and richness of the end-to-end experiences they offer.

Bring your products to life, reach direct to consumers and win mindshare with validated traceability

Harness Insights

Win customer mindshare with real-time insights and feedback. Bring your products to life and enable direct marketing that match preferences.

Consumer Engagement

Create meaningful relationships with gamification, direct feedback, social interaction and point them to your online store.

Augment Staff


Improve staff productivity with store data analytics, personal recommendations and intelligent merchandising.

Personalize Experiences

Increase customer satisfaction with personal recommendations, based on predictive analytics. Create unmatched experiences with augmented reality interface.

Lead on Sustainability

and Purpose

Upsell your sustainable product range and empower consumers to validate. Screen your suppliers and offer sustainable choices, rated to international standards.

Turn Customers to

Sales Channels

Promote direct to consumer sales channels with brand ambassadors and referral programs.

Augment productivity with automation & validation

Verofax helps you achieve unfair advantage

Quick Returns
Quick Returns

Lower costs while improving operational efficiency and achieve quick return on investment.

Fast Deployment
Fast Deployment

Start your free trial and transform your operations within 60 days and generate instant value.

Interoperable Platform
Interoperable Platform

Make use of interoperable user interfaces for stakeholders across your value chain.

Supply Chain
Resilient Supply Chain

Achieve oversight on your product inventories across suppliers, channels and end users.

Secure Data
Secure Data

Guarantee your data securityon enterprise-grade multi-tenant cloud from leading providers.

GDPR Compliant
GDPR Compliant

Verofax is a Blockchain-based data management solution that applies data compliant policies, for maintaining customers’ privacy.

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What our clients say

“Shoppers preference is shifting towards brands that adopt values such as sustainability, environmentally friendly and community engagement. Auri and Verofax share these core values and have teamed up to provide consumers with a seamless application to validate brand claims and increase direct engagement.”

Kristy Yong, Executive Director of Auri