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Aggregate all your data, provide real-time insights and forecasting. Improve operations, marketing, and business decisions with real-time data, ensuring you are optimizing profit margins and maximizing return on investment.

Omni Channel

Elevate customer experience that will increase basket size, spend, and bring them back. Engage with personalized experiences through shopping history, preferences, and behavior. Communicate through text, mobile wallet, email, and receipts, both in-store and online.


We provide manual training and maintenance logs to augment staff-inventory and freshness management-personalized customer engagement.


Product certification and compliance to empower shoppers and validate the sustainability of their lifestyle choices and how it partially offsets their carbon footprint.


Get instant feedback from your shoppers, build more insights to create enhanced personalized experiences, and drive sales.


Integrated online and instore based on personal preference, such as matching size availability or favorite fresh grocery arrivals.
Turn challenges into opportunities with shopper insights and gain shopper experience
Our Tech Partners
Validated and integrated seamlessly by

This year onwards, it’s going to be about unlocking the future of shopping for our customers, meeting them in their shopping journey in a highly personalized omni-fashion. In fact, we want to start serving our customers right when they start consuming content.

Suresh Kumar EVP, Global Chief Technology Officer, Walmart


GDPR compliant ensuring all your data is secured.


Interoperable and connected to your existing ERP systems with our open API to boost your data exchange and automations.

Secure Data

Secure data, enterprise grade cloud in partnership with Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and AWS.

Fast Deployment

Setup your Verofax account within days and create value from the first second on.

Better Visibility

Better visibility and benefit from a clear and intuitive front end design to always keep the complete overview.

Quick Returns

Quick returns and pay as you go, except benefits in increased sales, reducing cost, and in staff efficiency.
Sustainability is on top of mind!

Find out more how we can accelerate your sustainable initiatives, boost your sustainable sourcing and communicate your brand transparency through a unique shopping experience.

What our clients say

‟Shoppers preference is shifting towards brands that adopt values such as sustainability, environmentally friendly and community engagement. Auri and Verofax share these core values and have teamed up to provide consumers with a seamless application to validate brand claims and increase direct engagement.”

Kristy Yong, Executive Director of Auri

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